Thursday, October 7, 2010

Updated List and payments...... AGAIN - 20/10/10

Okay I have updated this once again....

Wow can you beelieve that its next week????

I have had a few extra people book in which is great - I love having new people come to the retreats!!!! Love meeting girls I have chatted to online... so much fun!!!

So I think this is the final update I will do on the list

However I will post some pics over the weekend of the classes - just very sneak peeks - but it will give you an idea of colours.....

Carol - PIF
Michelle L - PIF
Mum - PIF
Linda - PIF
Pauline - PIF
Bev -PIF
Nat - PIF
Sar -PIF
Emma - PIF
Donna - PIF
Leesh - PIF
Linda Z - PIF
Tash - PIF
Laraine - PIF
Bron - Dep
Sharon - PIF
Barb - PIF
Anthea - Dep +
Michelle W PIF
Paula PIF
Carol aka Blah Blah- PIF
Kellie - PIF
Sam - PIF
Day tripper - PIF

November 2010

Lois -PIF
Amanda - PIF
Michelle L -PIF
Jane - PIF
Di - PIF
Emily - PIF
Helen - PIF
Annie - PIF
Donna Mc - PIF
Amanda S - PIF

Day trippers [not sleeping] - Fri & Sat
Haylee -PIF
Natalie -PIF
Kellie C - PIF
Sarah Jane

Friday ONLYTeresa - PIF
Guest Teacher - PIF

Saturday ONLY
Kate Mc - PIF
Sara - PIF

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Charleegirl said...

Looks good to me...Cant wait, thanks babe xx