Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Class Sneaks here....

Only 4 more sleeps!!!!


so here are all the sneaks - to give you an idea of colours for the pages.... but do not stress I am sure in your stack of photos you will find some to use on all these very versitile pages!!!

My loungeroom is slowly being "de familised" and more "scrapable"!!!!

and you will all be pleased to know that we have some beautiful rain falling and it is cooling, and washing all that yucky dust away.... and NONE of the campers are leaking!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

House Keeping time!!!!

OMG - ONLY 8 sleeps till we are all here....

Okay here's some house keeping....

Below is the schedule for the classes - if you are only coming for the day please be here about 30mins prior to the first class starting so you can get sorted before it.

I have placed next to the classes and photos you need.... this and more info will also be sent in an email tonight.

Class Schedule
a few changes made

Friday ~ 11am Class

~ a blind Challenge to kick the weekend off
- 1 x 6x4 Pic [Landscape orientation]

Friday ~ 3pm Class

~ fitting more pics on a sinlgle page layout
- 4-6 photos of the same theme which can be cut to @3x4 or less
[or alternatively you can print 4-6 wallet pics]

Saturday ~ 10am Class

~ bits & pieces Layout - by Kate
- this layout is GIRLY!!!!!!

Saturday ~ 3pm Class

~ technique class
- lots of techniques on one page
- using 1 x 6x4 Portrait photo

Sunday ~ 10am Class

~ using die cut papers

- 2 6x4 pics - need to be able to trim them to square shape.

okay so what else do you need to know????

Just to watch your emails for some more info... and if you have any questions please ask!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Less than 3 weeks to go.....

So the countdown really begins now.....

are you all ready????
got your photos printed???
totes cleaned out and ready to re pack???

the first of the class kits are all packed up ready for you to create a gorgeous page with!!!!

here's a little sneak of one of the classes that I have completed today....

Just so you know you will need a 6x4 LANDSCAPE photo for this page.... check out the bingo card too to give you ideas of the 'type' of pic you need.... here is the kit you get [picture shows both sides of papers]

So what do you think????
Im sure you will all love this page as much as I do.... it is very versitile - I have used a baby photo of my nephew....

Okay im back off to do another page.... stay tuned!!!
I wil also work out the final details tomorrow of what you will need to bring & any other extras that need to be know before hand.

Im getting excitied now!!!!!