Thursday, February 10, 2011

SFS Retreat JUNE 24-26 2011
Details are as follows.
$180 will cover
all meals [home cooked by me], 
3 classes & kits, tea & coffee and accomodation.
Please note - this retreat is not held in a 5 star resort
however we do have a fireplace and airconditioning :)
This retreat is held in my home.

Accomodation is a variety of inside and in
camper vans with heating.
Classes are held Friday night and 2 on Saturday.

If you have your name on the list already please forward a deposit into my account ASAP of $50
Account details are in the side bar.
place JUNE & your initials in the comments section please

I will be offering day spots or one night spots once I have secured bookings.
So if you are interested in coming please email me NOW and let me know.
Do you have a group you scrap with regulary? come away together and scrap.

If you would like more information please email me - and remember no question is too silly!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 SFS Retreats

Time to get organised and book my 2011 retreats in.
Below is my current lists for the two weekends I have planned so far, please confirm via email to with a yes or no so I can finalise numbers and advertise if I need to.
Costs will be availble with in the next 2 weeks

 JUNE RETREAT LIST - June 24th - 26th

1. Jane H
2. Di
3. Emily Pearce
4. Kirsty
5. Jennie
6. Mandy
7. Donna
8. Michelle L
9. Lois
10. Amanda
11. Bev
12. Nat
13. Jodie E
15. Sarah Jane

OCTOBER RETREAT LIST - SOLD OUT till confirmation is made

1. me
2. Carol
3. Mum
4. Bev
5. Nat
6. Kate
7. Bron
8. Sar
9. Donna
10. Kellie D
11. Paula
12. Michelle w
13. Michelle L
14. Leesh
15. Anthea
16. Sandie
17. Leonie
18. Anne
19. Sara
20. Ang
21. Deb
22. Emma
23. Deslie