Thursday, January 29, 2009

its official.............

My 2009 retreat is
I MAY be able to fit a couple of people in if they would like to come just for a day - but the accommodation is over flowing.........
If you would like to put your name on the waiting list do so in the comments under this post.
If you are yet to pay your deposit please do so ASAP so that you secure your place.
I am so excited and I cant wait to plan the classes and the menu.
make sure you keep an eye on the blog for updates and important info over the next few months as far as payments and requirements.


Tash said...

holey dooley!!! Congratulations!!!
I was going to post today that nan was going to come, but looks like that won't happen!
I will get my deposit to you next week...I won't be getting there until latish friday afternoon..assuming I'm working or have a job, but if not I'll be there earlier!! xxx

Jane said...

congrats on a full house Peta, I'm still hoping to be there on the Sunday if you could squeeze me in :)!!!

Natallie KING said...

If possible would like to come on Saturday for the day Peta. Let me know . Thanks Nat